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From increased government oversight to fierce global competition, the financial landscape is evolving rapidly. This dynamic marketplace presents exciting opportunities for skilled, experienced finance professionals– if you know how to find them. Lucas Group recruiters help place exceptional candidates in finance management jobs that generate lasting business impact and build rewarding careers.

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The world of finance is changing, and it’s changing rapidly. Companies across industries are seeking to reduce costs, increase revenues, intelligently navigate M&A activity, and wisely manage evolving government regulation. Leading mid-tier and Fortune 500 companies are searching for exceptional financial talent to lead these efforts. Lucas Group’s finance recruiters are at the forefront of this talent search. From financial management and compliance to financial analysis and M&A, we give talented professionals the inside track to exciting, career-advancing opportunities at forward-thinking companies.

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Resumes rarely find great jobs: Recruitment firms do. Lucas Group finance recruiters partner with high-impact talent who has five or more years of experience, advanced degrees/certification, Fortune 1000 experience and the determination to take their career to the next level. Our finance recruiting process employs remarkable speed, understanding and discretion to connect you with exceptional opportunities. We listen, learn and provide consultative feedback, ensuring these opportunities are in alignment with your experience, company culture preferences and career goals. Our recruiters serve as your trusted ally and sounding boarding. We do more than find jobs– we build careers. Let’s get started.


Lucas Group executive recruiters are nationally-known for their consultative and discreet placement services with leading mid-tier and Fortune 500 companies. Our extensive connections give you access a wide range of exciting positions you won’t find through a standard job search.

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